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An O-ring is a cost effective, light weight doughnut shaped, molded ring made from an elastomer, can also be made of PTFE, and other plastics and metals. O-rings are used for sealing to prevent loss of fluids or gas. Some O-rings have a life expectancy referred to as “shelf life” that corresponds to the O-ring material.

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Standard Buna Boss Gasket O-Rings

BOSS GASKETS - Standard O Ring Buna Nitrile Boss Gaskets - used for straight thread tube fittings and hydraulic tubgin and fittings up to 3000 PSI. Nitrile is resistant to compression, tears, and abrasion. Ideal to use with petroleum products. Temperature range: -40F to +250F

Standard Buna O-Rings

BUNA – Used for most general applications with lubricants, hydraulic oils, gasoline, fuels, alcohol, LP gas and water. Temperature Range: -65ºF to +275º F

Standard Ethylene-Propylene O-Rings

ETHYLENE-PROPYLENE EPDM – For use in applications where you have hot water, steam, glycol brake fluids, ketones, phosphate-ester, hydraulic fluid, drive belts, exposure to oxygen, ozone and weathering. Temperature Range: -67ºF to +400º F

Standard Fluorosilicone O-Rings

FLUOROSILICONE – for use in mineral oil, fuels and lubricants, synthetic ester and diester lubricants. Temperature range:-100°F to +400° F

Standard Neoprene O-Rings

NEOPRENE (CHLOROPRENE) for use in refrigeration, freon gases, ammonia, carbon dioxide, chlorine, silicone oil and grease ozone, and exposure to sunlight. Good aging and chemical resistance. Temperature range -40°F to +250° F

Standard Silicone O-Rings

SILICONE – Low tensile strength, poor tear and wear resistance. Compatible with ozone, air, oxygen and a variety of fluids such as alcohol, glycol, and certain ketones, non-mineral based brake fluid, silicon oil and grease, diluted water solutions, and weak acids. Weather resistant. Temperature Range: -100ºF to +500ºF

Standard Viton O-Rings

VITON (FLUROCARBON) for use in a wide range of fluid and chemical types such as acids, oils, fuels, ozone, oxygen, solvents and gases. Temperature range: -15°F to +400° F